Clownen Ruben Madsen


Born Friday 13 February 1948.
Father (Norwegian) Priest in Methodist church and
Mother (Swedish) Professional Mother always present when needed and still are.
Ruben is married, has 4 grown up children (3s, 1d), 3 grandchildren, 2 brothers, 1 sister.

Started as a professional clown 22/2 1972.
Awarded with State cultural price 1978.
Clown of honour at USSR State Circus School in Moscow 1982.

He has toured in all Scandinavia and Nordic Countries including
• 2 times in Faeroe Island,
• 7 times in Iceland [photo] and
• 6 times in Greenland [photo]; visiting 47 places giving 94 performances
touring with dog sledges, helicopters and boats. [The film: "Like a Fly]
• Also (several times), toured in USA, England, Scotland, Holland, Poland and
Soviet Union (Russia, Georgia, Yalta, Siberia, Baltic States).
He is the only western circus performer / Clown that worked in a USSR Circus production, touring in Soviet Union periodically during years 1988 - 1993. [photo]

Clownen Ruben has also participated in classical drama festivals like;
• Reykjavik Arts Festival, []
• Festspelen in Bergen Norway, []
• Jelenia Gora Festival Poland,
• Stockholm Water Festival Sweden
• and many more.

For several years Clownen Ruben works as a consultant for several companies like; Ericsson, Hewlett Packard, Scandinavian Cellulosa AB (SCA), state, province and regional administrations. More. Titled: "Company philosopher".
He builds company cultures and upgrades systems for employees;
Motivation, participation, quality, communication and more.

Ruben lives on Ulvön. A tiny little secluded island (5m–1m) in North Sweden where, during summer, he runs the prestigious Anrika Café Måsen (Café Seagull). He also produces "Surströmming" (fermented herring) which is a sybarite and very special north Swedish delicacy.  Ruben holds the title "Preses" as President of SurströmmingsAkademien. [Fermented Herring Academy]

His idea of life quality is; Working maximum 4-5 month a year.
Rest of time reduce costs by; Fishing, hunting, picking mushrooms and berries. Cut wood for heating. Cook, eat and drink well. Visit friends. Climb mountains [hobby] and participate in emotional / cultural / philosophical activities. Ruben is very, very much in love in his wife Agnetha.